Saturday, 4 April 2009

Just when I thought I was safe … inspiration from another blog clouds my judgement!

In the aftermath of Cruiser 2009 and Salute 2009 I have been giving some serious thought as to what wargaming project I will put my energies into next.

I had lots of different ideas, but was gradually coming to the conclusion that I was going to concentrate my efforts on the Eastern Front next. I even began to sort through the pile of unpainted World War II 20mm lead figure that I have stored in my wargames room when I happened upon Paul Leniston’s Napoleonic Wargaming blog … and the situation as to what I would do next suddenly became somewhat less clear.

Paul’s blog makes it very clear that he is a Napoleonic wargamer through and through, and it is not a period that has ever held any strong appeal for me. True, I have bought quite a few Napoleonic figures in my time. The latest foray led to me subscribing to the Del Prado BATTLE OF WATERLOO part work, as a result of which I now have over 300 painted figures for the Allied and French armies at Waterloo. But I never seemed to get the enthusiasm to use the figures – mainly because all the rules I looked at seemed to use far larger numbers of figures than I had – and they are presently languishing in a storage box.

However, once I began to read Paul’s blog and saw the way he went about organising his Napoleonic armies, I realised that he had hit upon the very thing that I wanted; the ability to fight large-scale Napoleonic battles with a relatively small number of figures.

Once I return from my forthcoming holiday cruise I shall be giving some serious thought to taking my Napoleonic figures out of storage and actually fighting some wargames with them … unless, of course, something else crops up in the meantime to divert me once again.

Who said that wargamers have butterfly minds?


  1. oh, no, you really did not have to share this... with some many Napoleonic miniatures sitting in my closet, and so many other projects vying for my attention, the least I need is succumbing to a Napoleonic temptation right now...

  2. Adik,

    I am glad to see that I am not the only one whose head can be turned by some nicely painted figures and some excellent ideas on how to use them!

    My solution ... either give in ... or get away from wargaming for a couple of weeks!

    I am unsure which of the two options I am going to take but ... I am weakening.

    Seriously though, it is a good blog, isn't it!


  3. Hi Bob

    Thanks for the mention.

    Reading through your profile I am struck by how many wargame experiences we share:

    1. First wargame figures Airfix Guards Colour Party and band

    2. "Charge or how to play wargames"

    3. Don Featherstones "Wargames"

    I discovered "Charge" in 1969, only one year after you.

    Love yourn blog, and I have put it on my favourites.

    Hope you have a lovely holiday


  4. Oh I have just recently went down that same primrose path....again...for the third or fourth time in my gaming career....and for similar rules...Perry and Victrix Plastics...I'll follow your progress with great interest!