Thursday, 6 July 2017

Spanish Civil War: Day-by-Day: 6th – 26th July 1937


After the failure of the Nationalist attack upon Guadalajara the Republican troops around Madrid went on to the offensive. General Jose Miaja ordered two Republican Corps (led by Generals Juan Modesto and Enrique Jurado) to advance southwards from the El Escorial - Madrid road towards Brunete. This would then cut off the Nationalist forces besieging Madrid from the West.

A Republican T-26 tank during the Battle of Brunete.
Their initial thrust captured Brunete and drove a 5 mile salient into the Nationalist front-line. The Nationalist armies, under the command of General Jose Varela, then rallied and mounted a counter-attack that forced the Republicans almost all the way back to their start line.


  1. Sadly the standard story of all Republican attacks...
    The photo is interesting - not one I've seen before, I think. Thanks for the post.



    1. Rumblestrip (Andrew),

      You are spot on. The Battle of Brunete was a very typical Spanish Civil War battle; initial success, followed by loss of momentum, then a counter-attack that recaptures all or most of the ground initially gained.

      I found the photograph on the internet amongst a collection taken by a female photographer.

      All the best,


    2. It's because only Mexico and the Soviet Union were the only countries offering support for the Democratically elected Republican government. In desperation the Republic transferred most of its gold reserves to the Soviets. They would not advise the Republican government how much the so called military aid was costing.
      The Nationalists were supported by Nazi Germany,Fascist Italy and Portugal. Even the Nazi supporting Henry Ford sold them trucks.

    3. Simon Jones,

      You are perfectly correct. I included a list of the assistance given/lent/sold by various nations to both sides in my book, LA ULTIMA CRUZADA (THE LAST CRUSADE).

      All the best,